One thing I definitely miss about LA is the chicken rice from Savoy Kitchen. It’s 5 minutes from where I live, less than $8 for a plate that lasts for TWO MEALS, and it’s just…good. I will admit that it’s not AS GOOD as it was before (portions shrunk a bit) and I had one bad experience with a server there once. No fist fight or anything k-drama worthy, but just something that made me go “wtf really, dude?”.

So…since it’s not good enough to justify a $800-$1000 round-trip flight back to LA, I decided to make some at home. #domesticated

Let me tell you. Whoever cooks the actual chicken and makes the dipping sauces at Savoy deserves some major MAJOR props. I swear I’ve never experienced such a tiring 3-hour cooking adventure IN MY LIFE. But, it was totally worth it, in my opinion. #rubsbelly

You’d think that the first picture would be of the chicken…because it’s Hainan CHICKEN rice. Not hainan garlic/ginger rice. BUT LET ME TELL YOU…this dish uses the most ridiculous (FO REALZ KINE RIDICULOUS) amount of ginger and garlic. #smellsbreath

No, but seriously. LOTS OF THIS. *points above. Like. I never want to chop/peel garlic/ginger for awhile.

Thought my lime was really pretty looking after cutting it in half. Damn, I sound possessive. MY LIME. Not just A LIME. MY LIME. Anyways, time to share photos of the actual meal. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!

If you’re familiar with this dish, you’re probably thinking WTF IS THAT GREEN/BROWN/DIARRHEA/PUKE crap in the bottom left bowl. It’s…the red chili sauce. I couldn’t find red chilis at the supermarket #failsauce so had to make do with my colorful thai chilis and jalapenos…It looks like shit, but it is spicy and delicious as hell. I’d pay money to see someone successfully eat a spoonful of this.

Just in case you wanted to see the chili sauce up close…

Wow…it really looks like puke. #ashamed Next time I’ll try harder to find the correct chilis…

Dark soy sauce. DO YOU SEE THE FACE IN THE REFLECTION? I do. Haha #dorkmoment

Ginger sauce. Thank gooshness I had a food processor for this one…and for the chili sauce. That was an adventure in itself.

This was the best part of the meal. Lifting the cover to the rice cooker was magical. I mean. Wouldn’t you be happy seeing rice with bits of garlic, ginger, and pandan leaves looking all steamy and beautiful? Oh and it smelled AMAZING thanks to the special ingredients I added. Just as a sidenote, I’m pretty sure I was supposed to mince the ginger and garlic…but I was so tired of chopping at that point I said “fuck it” and just sauteed it as is.

And finally….*drumroll* THE CHICKEN.

Oh yeah. Look at that. *drools I’d call this a success. ^o^

And finally, a picture of it all plated “nicely” on my plate. As you can probably tell, I just wanted to eat already.

Drooling yet? Wanna try to make it? Yeah you do! The recipe is really long so I won’t post the entire thing here, but you can access it by clicking HERE!

Happy cooking everyone! Hope you can find red chilis!!!


Just gonna cut to the chase y’all. IT’S FOOD TIME (again). Truthfully, it’s ALWAYS food time. ^o^

1. Chun Wah Kam (Aiea, HI)
What’s in the box? What’s in the box? *drool

THIS THIS! Ho da big yah? (that’s what she said haha). Unfortunately, not too much meat filling in the manapua anymore…*cries WHERE’S THE MEAT?

Did a thumbs up just so you can see just how much food they give. Oh man, took us a good two days to finish all the food. Oh the oily goodness ^o^

2. Osaka Ramen (Aiea, HI)
 Mochiko chicken curry and ramen combo. Add some chili oil and garlic and you’re good to go!

Tonkotsu Ramen. Was okay. Not the best. I ate it all though! haha

So much toppings. So much noodles. Oh so good.

Plenty gyoza. Again, add some garlic and the dipping sauce becomes SUPER delicious.
Damn, even though I’ve been eating a good deal of pretty delicious food here in Hawaii, I’m definitely starting to miss LA. Milk tea, shaved snow, ramen? Oh man….*drools

Every time I’m home I make an effort to visit certain places and people. The flavors I crave when I’m stuck studying in my LA apartment; the people I miss sharing stories with until the wee hours of the morning. They definitely make going home a trip that I look forward to.

But new adventures are always welcome. New flavors and people spice up life at home, especially when things become monotonous. A few days ago I finally got to try out Tango Contemporary Cafe and I’m happy I did. I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of food and the level of service we received. (Usually waiters don’t even glance our way since we’re younger and they assume that we don’t have the money to afford anything but fast food meals.) The quality of the food itself was a bit better than what I was expecting, but nothing too special. If anything, I would go again for the service we got this past time.

Interior of the restaurant. I’m such a sucker for elegant spaces that don’t try to hide the industrial feel that comes with the space. Love love love!

Our appetizer of the night: seared scallops on a spinach salad, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms. They offered to plate half-portions for us since we were splitting the meal. I’d have to say 3 scallops a person is a pretty good steal!

Our entree for the night. Seared furikake ahi with mashed potatoes, lobster sauce, and assorted veggies. Don’t let the picture deceive you…those pieces of Ahi are about 3-4x larger than they look. Oh, and they gave us extra sauce on the side. I think I was a bit too excited about that though and over-smothered my mashed potatoes in it. >.<

At the end of the night, we hurried back to Ala Moana to stop by Patisserie la Palme D’Or, my favorite patisserie on the island (so far). Super elegant and refined with some really cute staff. I think I I got addicted to their plantation jelly tea because I wanted to see the cute guy there again haha!

This time I still got my plantation jelly tea (pineapple jelly with black tea) but I also got some other goodies too!

Mango Fromage (mango cheesecake with a layer of dense spongecake). Hot damn. I think I died and went to heaven. The spongecake was…so amazing I wanted to cry. Not really, but you know… figuratively. And then the cheesecake. OH.MAH.GAWD. So creamy and light. I think I could eat a whole 12″ cake of that stuff. I was seriously about to jump the counter and raid their fridge to see if they had more sitting around.

But the best part of this trip to La Palme D’Or? MINI MACARONS. DOUBLE OH MAH GAWD.

Key lime macarons and MINI mint chocolate macarons. I think I found the food that will seriously make me fat and diabetic. >.< They pop into your mouth like candy and they taste AMAZING. Holy shit. #dies I want more…

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for some nomtastic photos of chinese plate lunch, ramen, and more!

Ahhh the first few days at home have been pretty SPECTACULAR. (Not to brag or anything…) I was greeted with lots of good food (pictures below), already hung out with the fambam to celebrate my cousin’s upcoming wedding, and already did some shopping! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to hang out with friends yet (been busy preparing for my upcoming clinical rotation) but I have over 5 more weeks to get all that done so no sweat!

Here’s some snippets of my latest food adventures (and then some)!

1. Leeward Drive Inn

Mochiko Chicken plate with tons of rice, mac salad, their famous fried noodles, and salad. It’s become tradition for me to head straight over to this place for food before heading home from the airport. It’s been around for ages and my mom originally brought me there to try the box lunch, which she used to always bring on school field trips as a child. The fried noodles are so bomb I couldn’t stop going after that. Damn, just thinking about it now makes me want more!

2. Sugarlina Bakery
My dad purchased some sweets for me ahead of time (how thoughtful!). I always love it when bakeries invest in cute stickers for their packaging!

Hehe, the blueberry macaron matched my nail polish! The macarons were delicious — some of the best I’ve ever had at home but still doesn’t compete with the macarons I’ve gotten in LA! My favorite place still has to be Frances Bakery & Coffee in Little Tokyo.

I was impressed with Sugarlina’s mocha cupcake! As you can tell by the tupperware cover under the cupcake, it had been waiting for me in the fridge for ~2 days. I was expecting it to be a little dried out since it wasn’t fresh, but it was REALLY moist! Amazeballs! Definite thumbs up for that! The frosting was refreshing since it was really flavorful, smooth, and creamy without being overly rich. Matched the texture of the cake itself very well.

3. Fancy Cake from Costco…WHAAA???

 Don’t get me wrong…fricken LOVEE the baked goodies from Costco. Everything they make is amazing but the presentation is always so-so. I mean, you’re paying for the shear volume of fattiness and not for the pretty factor. But damn, look at this rich, fatty piece of goodness! Just as pretty as it is yummy. Thank you Costco for making me that much fatter during my trip home.

4. Sushi for breakfast!

Oh yeah. One of the things I love about home: the cheap sushi from our nearby supermarket, Don Quijote (straight outta Japan, yo!). Hehehe. Granted, the quality is so-so, but for $8??? I’ll definitely put that sucker in my cart AND eat it for breakfast…which I totally did. Now I just have to hit up 7-eleven for some bomb-ass spam musubi. CAN’T WAIT. #fattystatus

5. Family Gatherings = 2000+ Calorie Meals

Our family knows how to have a good time. Good food, good wine, and good stories always make our get-togethers unforgettable. Next month my cousin is getting married (w00t w00t!) so we had a Bridal Shower for the bride this past weekend to start the celebratory festivities. ^o^

The appetizers (pupus, as we call them in Hawaiian/local talk) consisted of garlic edamame, teriyaki meatballs (so juicy OMGGG), and some locally made sausage filled with all sorts of goodies.

My plate for lunch. And get this…I didn’t even have room to grab a little bit of everything! ANNNND this is how we do a low-key lunch. Usually there’s at least 3x the amount of food to choose from. It’s a wonder I can still fit through the door. My plate consisted of mac salad, veggies, fruits, fried saimin, homemade baked beans, turkey burger (omitted half the bun in an attempt to finish everything on my plate), and strawberry/walnut/spinach salad with homemade strawberry dressing. Oh gosh, getting hungry AGAIN.

Dessert. All homemade too. Nian gao, lilikoi (passion fruit) mochi, shortbread cookie with lilikoi curd, strawberry cheesecake, and haupia (basically like coconut jello). Oh my. Good thing I shared this plate with my mom…

We also play a lot of games at our family gatherings. One of the games was to draw a picture of the groom (pictured above) on a paper plate while holding the plate on our head. LOL I won!!! w00t w00t. I think it’s my captions that sealed the deal!

Close up of my drawing. LOL

There were a lot of other games and we won small prizes for pretty much all of them. Definitely made out like a bandit! Lots of Bath and Body Works goodies and practical stuff all Hawaii people need…like nori and ziploc bags. HAHA

Anyways, that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the photos! I start my 6-week clinical rotation at an outpatient physical therapy clinic tomorrow (sooo nervous) so hopefully they won’t tear me apart…I have plans to meet up with people for more ono food adventures so STAY TUNED! 

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(Soooo half of this post was written before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, my phone really does suck and I couldn’t get all the photos in the post originally…booface)

Quick post before getting on my flight bound for Honolulu! Hopefully this works since I’m attempting to do this on my sad excuse for a smartphone *chucks phone across terminal

1. Had a LAN party the other day. Yes, I’m a dork. *honest Played a bunch of sc2 (while secretly wishing I was playing D3) with four of my buddies. It’s amazing how warm my room gets when there are 5 laptops/computers running at the same time.

2. Painted to nails! My first time experimenting with fancy designs! Definitely falling in love with this newfound form of artistic expression!

3. Finally got to wear the ear cuff I made for myself AGES ago!

4. Shot a un for the first time. Shot a 9mm 1911 Kimber pistol and a rifle of some sort. LOL not even sure if I got those names right…


5. Some cold and sweet yummy goodness from IOTA Coffee and Bakery in Ktown. Perfect end to a night of manly gun shootin’.

About to board soon! Next time I post I’ll be in lovely Hawaii!

SORRY FOR BEING MIA (not like there was really anyone to miss me haha). I was in Vegas this past weekend and you know…blogging when in Vegas is sorta lame. Partying AND blogging would be even more lame so I opted not to bring my laptop or attempt to post from my phone. LOL TRYING NOT TO BE A LOSER HERE.

Anyways, here’s a summary of what I’ve been eating/doing for the last few days!

(Nota bene: As always, links to yelp pages are provided!)

1. In-n-Out (Alhambra, CA)
Seriously, one of the best things to get before heading out to the beach. Animal style ftw!


2. Paciugo Gelato @ Caffe (Hermosa Beach, LA)
One of my favorite gelato places in LA. Even if it’s cold as balls outside, I’ll still come here for some gelato goodness. Their hot chocolate is SUPER BOMB and I love their Affogato de caffe (pictured above). Got it with Cheesecake and Pepe Nero (black pepper olive oil) gelato. So bomb!


3. Armando’s Lunch Truck (USC, Los Angeles, CA)
One of the things I miss most about USC’s main campus (damn you Health Science Campus for lacking Armando’s goodness). I always get the Lendale (basically everything you can have at breakfast packed between two pieces of bread). Their breakfast burritos are also SUPER DOPE.


4. Beijing Noodle No. 9 (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV)
Pretty dope noodles that will make you go broke ($20 for a bowl of noodles and $4/person for tea? WTBALLS). Makes me miss the cheap eats in the 626. Zha Jiang Mian was pretty awesome though and the seafood soup looked delish as well.


5. Bouchon (Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV)
Been dying to dine here for awhile after hearing such good things about Thomas Keller and falling in love with their bakery. Food was AVERAGE though so slight disappointment. At least it all looks super pretty!


6. Serendipity 3 (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV)
Alright…so we didn’t actually get anything here. Two attempts and no food. The wait was too long for the restaurant and the damn line outside was WAYYY TOO LONG for the 100deg+ weather. Instead we just took a picture outside to please le momzies who wanted me to go there.


7. Laters Vegas!
Now onto 5.5 hours of traffic. Yup…the joys of planning our travels SUPER WELL >.< At least we got some good noms once we made it back to LA.


8. Boiling Point (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Lamb Hot Soup ftw. Look at all that bubbling goodness. Seriously the best thing we could’ve gotten after such a long drive back from Vegas. Also, their garlic sauce is BOMB. Makes everything taste delicious and your breath smell spectacular haha.


9. Cafe Bravo (Glendale, CA)
Looks like shit in the picture (cuz I already ate half of it lol) but it was pretty delish. The Ikra (roasted eggplant w/ all sorts of other veggie goodness) was dope. Hummus was so-so.


10. Trader Joes (Toluca Lake, CA)
Okay, wtballs. Pineapple juice? OMG so delicious. And damn them for putting the chocolate goodies next to the register. *chocolatewhore


11. Ozero by Cofftea (Alhambra, CA)
One of my favorite boba places in the 626 (just because of their unique drinks). Fluffy Matcha Coffee anyone? *heavenly Also digging their new Ikea lights. ^o^

Damn, I’m super hungry (and super broke) now. Haha but it was all worth it. And stay tuned, for the next few weeks all food posts will be based in HAWAII! Going home for my clinical rotation and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new noms Hawaii has to offer!

Until then, happy nomming and exploring people!






(Forewarning: This post will be a lot different from my recent foodie/exploration posts.)

I usually don’t use google+. Hardly anyone in my circle of friends (hah, see what I did there? Genius status) uses it so I usually default to using facebook or twitter to keep up with the happenings within my group. But when my friends do post on Google+ the content always “shines”. It’s always something that I need but don’t know where to find.

Today my friend shared “Unsolicited Advice for Women Who Date the Wrong Men” from Thought Catalog. Honestly speaking, I only read the article since she asked for thoughts on it (I assumed that it would be like one of those useless, waste of time Cosmopolitan love/sex articles). But I’m glad that I read the article — it was that “something” I was searching for but didn’t know where to find.

The first piece of advice that resonated with me was the following:

“He’s shy.” That’s fine. Shy guys still have a voicebox to say, “I like you” and fingers that can pick up a phone. “That’s not his style.” Sharing his thoughts with another human being isn’t his style? Is that a quality you’re looking for in a partner?

All too often I hear friends (and myself) making excuses for their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s poor communication skills. They’re shy, or It’s a touchy subject, so I’ll just wait for them to feel comfortable enough to tell me what’s going on. To some extent yes, this is reasonable. But what’s the point then of having that individual be THAT PERSON in your life?

(Sidenote rant: Boys (yes, boys, not men), it’s really immature to use that “but all that matters is that I feel it in my heart, right? I don’t need to say those…three words…” GROW A PAIR OF BALLS. That is all.)

The second piece of advice that resonated with me was the following:

Can I tell you something? Guys are not “too busy” to text or call you. The leader of the free world has time to tuck his wife into bed, but you think the i-banker you met last week is too busy to dial your number?

When life hits hard and it seems like you have 40 hours worth of shit to complete during the course of your workday, you have to prioritize in order to keep your sanity. Some text messages are ignored until the craziness passes. Some phone calls are dismissed in order to most efficiently complete the task at hand. And some people are pushed to the side until a more convenient time. Wait, I’m your girlfriend/boyfriend and I just fell into that last category? Guess you’re not worth the 5 seconds it takes to text a “<3” or “^o^” or the 30 seconds it takes to make that “good night, babe” phone call. Are you okay with that?

Granted, no one will ever be the perfect companion. Those habits that occasionally irritate you to the point where you want to pull out your hair and those moments of complete idiocy that make you smack your face and shake your head in disapproval infuse a unique beauty into a relationship. The kiss or hug you get after they realize you’re irritated beyond belief, or the embarrassed smile they flash after you mutter “I can’t believe you just did that” under your breath, remind you of the many reasons why they’re irreplaceable.

So even though everyone should search for their perfect someone, I think it’s important to also recognize the value of their imperfections. After all, I think it’s those moments when you find these imperfections endearing that you get those butterflies and know that you found the right person.

For now though, if you are that lucky bastard who has already found that “perfectly imperfect” person for you, then props. I congratulate you on your fairytale love life while begrudgingly wondering where the fuck my prince charming is.