First off, apologies for being away for an extended period of time. School got crazy and there were so many things going on in life. But, it’s a new year and I’ve decided what projects to prioritize…this one included!

Check back soon for new photos of my recent food adventures in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Hawaii! Most of the photos are from my Instagram and my phone sucks so the quality got all botched up, unfortunately.

For now, I leave you with this photo!

SAMSUNGBoiling Point —  San Gabriel, CA

Thought it was appropriate given the cold, rainy weather we’ve been experiencing in LA…


Life can be overwhelming at times. And right now, it definitely is. No, nothing horrible happened but I need some time to reflect and get my life together (which includes getting a job). I won’t be gone for long. Hopefully just a week or so (give or take a few days).

In the meantime though, check out my classmate’s amazingly adorable blog Gustatoric Love. She’s a ball of energy and even though her blog is pretty new to the blogosphere I already know it’s going to be an amazing addition!

This past weekend, myself and a few friends from USC undergrad (FIGHT ON!) decided to take a break from all the Olympics coverage to explore the newest addition to Ko Olina and to the Disney Resort Family….Aulani. Here we are with a friend we ran into in the courtyard area. Sometimes I wish I lived in Japan so I could buy all the cute Stitch paraphernalia they sell there.

Before we managed to get to the resort we HAD to fill up on some grub. Don’t wanna go on an adventure without energizing up first. ^o^

We stopped by En Fuego Grill & Poke in Kapolei to try out their supposedly onolicious plate lunches. Don’t be fooled by the name…everything here is high-quality local kine grindz…not mexican food. Tricky bastards.


Here’s my $10 combination plate lunch. Furikake Salmon and Garlic Chicken. Oh my…everything was perfection. Click HERE for my yelp review. (I’m wayyy too lazy to post it here haha.)

Here’s my friend’s lunch. I’m not quite sure what it is…some sort of Ahi pattie on salad. I took a picture of it regardless of how much I knew about it. (^^)v

Here’s proof that we (at least one member) were really prepared for some touristy activities. It’s not everyday we proudly swing this bad boy around our necks for random outings.

Okay…finally to some (horrible) pictures of Aulani. (Sorry guys, I was so excited to be there I couldn’t focus on trying to achieve beautiful compositions with my photos…)

Inside Aulani’s lobby. If you’ve ever been to the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland, it was pretty much like that…except not as big and more…polynesian (durr). It was definitely beautiful though. Had that touch of Disney magic everywhere you turned. HOW DO THEY ALWAYS SUCCEED AT TRANSFORMING PLACES INTO MAGICAL DESTINATIONS??? #madprops

This is what you see once you walk through the lobby. Still looks pretty magical despite my horrible camera skills that day…

One of the two buildings where those (lucky) rich ass bastards stay…man I want to be one of those people…minus the bastard part haha.

The courtyard looked a bit cramped…but damn it’s still pretty. And on a super hot day (which it was) those water activities look like SO MUCH FUN. #jealous

Seriously…next time I’m going in that. Like…I need to.

So Aulani was amazeballs. We took more photos on my friend’s spiffy camera but she hasn’t posted them yet. Perhaps I’ll do another post once we get those photos uploaded. Until then…CHILLAX AND ENJOY THE SUMMERTIME FOLKS. ❤ ❤ ❤









Even though I come off as a complete hardass I’m really a hopeless romantic at heart…blarghhh the truth can be pukeworthy.

Anyways, I’m a huge fan of Jen from frmheadtotoe — she’s an amazing makeup artist and I’m totally enjoying her role in Wong Fu Production’s newest project: Away We Happened. It’s a youtube web series where the subsequent episodes are based off of what the fans want. It also features people such as Victor Kim (such a cutie) from Quest Crew and I’ve got to say, the last episode is BEYOND CUTE. My roommate said she could hear my squealing from my room. I think I’m still dying from the cuteness. I wish my love life was super romantic and overly cute like this! AHHHHH DYING STILL.

Here’s episode 4 for your viewing pleasure:


And in case you need to watch the other episodes (which you should) here they are!




Episode 5 will be out June 19th! Can’t wait!


So yesterday (damn…feels like more than just a day) I posted a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to share with y’all but never got around to thanks to GRAD SCHOOL. -__-;;; One of the things I posted about was K-dramas and I just so happened to watch this video by Fung Brothers that also mentioned K-dramas so…I just had to share it. ^o^ I’m no longer an Asian American teen *sobs*, but I think these all totally apply to 20-something year old Asian Americans as well.


Also…if you liked this video…you’ll probably like this one:


After my friends and I watched this video we were proud and sorta embarrassed at the same time because we seriously frequent 80% of the places in the video. The other 20% we always talk about hitting up but never do since we’re at one of our regular spots. >.< (Sidenote: Totally went to Factory Tea Bar a few days in a row during my finals week….V(^o^)V)

Definitely check out the rest of their stuff!

Okay…now back to studying. *dies*

So I totally underestimated the massive amount of material I need to study for this Friday’s midterm AND on top of that, I totally underestimated the amount of time I had to get through all of it. *sigh* ‘Tis the life of a burnt-out grad student. As a result, there’s a BUNCH OF STUFF that I’ve been DYING to share but never got around to. *FAIL* So…here we go… *takes a deep breath in*

1. The Twitter post(s) that made me lulz in class

My friends are already well aware of this…but I’m totally in LOVE with Audrey and Tim, this cute-ass couple from Malaysia. *dies inside* My friend shared this video of him proposing to her with MEMES and I totally died inside from the cuteness. (I also realize that this all makes me sound like a crazy fan girl. Ugh. I swear, I’m not. Just a sucker for cute, heartwarming moments.) Recently, he posted this little commentary on K-Drama that just made me LULZ IN CLASS (btw, start at the bottom then work your way up…lol):

I lulzed because: one, spot-on observations; and two, I LOVE SECRET GARDEN. *dies again* Oh, and btdubz, you should totally follow their blogs. Links here (in case you missed it earlier):

his and hers

P.S. For those Big Bang/Secret Garden fans…their parody of the show is HILARIOUS. ❤ TOP and Daesung.


2. Love “Payphone” by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa


When I first heard this song I was like, “DAMN. This is a good song” and I just continued to rock out without paying attention to the lyrics. Then after repeatedly listening to it on Spotify for a bit, I realized that it’s a sad song…but also perfect for what I’ve been feeling recently. YAYYY I FOUND MY POST-BREAKUP SONG. *sigh* I won’t say what parts of the song best describe my feelings at the moment though…bit too personal for a public blog. You can try to figure it out on your own. In the meantime, I’ll keep rocking out to this song…


3. On a happier note, my Diablo III character is lookin’ DAMN FINE

Meet Ahwha. (Sidenote: My default response to things when I’m not paying attention is: Ahh whaaa? So…I made it my character’s name lol.) She’s only level 22 (thanks grad school for truncating my play time) but I think she’s looking pretty sexy. Look at that blood on her wand. Don’t mess with her (or me) cuz WE WILL OWN YOU. 

I’m sure there’s more…but this will do for now. My stack of Biomechanics lecture notes looks a little scary still and I should probably look through them all. BLEH