This past weekend, myself and a few friends from USC undergrad (FIGHT ON!) decided to take a break from all the Olympics coverage to explore the newest addition to Ko Olina and to the Disney Resort Family….Aulani. Here we are with a friend we ran into in the courtyard area. Sometimes I wish I lived in Japan so I could buy all the cute Stitch paraphernalia they sell there.

Before we managed to get to the resort we HAD to fill up on some grub. Don’t wanna go on an adventure without energizing up first. ^o^

We stopped by En Fuego Grill & Poke in Kapolei to try out their supposedly onolicious plate lunches. Don’t be fooled by the name…everything here is high-quality local kine grindz…not mexican food. Tricky bastards.


Here’s my $10 combination plate lunch. Furikake Salmon and Garlic Chicken. Oh my…everything was perfection. Click HERE for my yelp review. (I’m wayyy too lazy to post it here haha.)

Here’s my friend’s lunch. I’m not quite sure what it is…some sort of Ahi pattie on salad. I took a picture of it regardless of how much I knew about it. (^^)v

Here’s proof that we (at least one member) were really prepared for some touristy activities. It’s not everyday we proudly swing this bad boy around our necks for random outings.

Okay…finally to some (horrible) pictures of Aulani. (Sorry guys, I was so excited to be there I couldn’t focus on trying to achieve beautiful compositions with my photos…)

Inside Aulani’s lobby. If you’ve ever been to the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland, it was pretty much like that…except not as big and more…polynesian (durr). It was definitely beautiful though. Had that touch of Disney magic everywhere you turned. HOW DO THEY ALWAYS SUCCEED AT TRANSFORMING PLACES INTO MAGICAL DESTINATIONS??? #madprops

This is what you see once you walk through the lobby. Still looks pretty magical despite my horrible camera skills that day…

One of the two buildings where those (lucky) rich ass bastards stay…man I want to be one of those people…minus the bastard part haha.

The courtyard looked a bit cramped…but damn it’s still pretty. And on a super hot day (which it was) those water activities look like SO MUCH FUN. #jealous

Seriously…next time I’m going in that. Like…I need to.

So Aulani was amazeballs. We took more photos on my friend’s spiffy camera but she hasn’t posted them yet. Perhaps I’ll do another post once we get those photos uploaded. Until then…CHILLAX AND ENJOY THE SUMMERTIME FOLKS. ❤ ❤ ❤










Ahhh the first few days at home have been pretty SPECTACULAR. (Not to brag or anything…) I was greeted with lots of good food (pictures below), already hung out with the fambam to celebrate my cousin’s upcoming wedding, and already did some shopping! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to hang out with friends yet (been busy preparing for my upcoming clinical rotation) but I have over 5 more weeks to get all that done so no sweat!

Here’s some snippets of my latest food adventures (and then some)!

1. Leeward Drive Inn

Mochiko Chicken plate with tons of rice, mac salad, their famous fried noodles, and salad. It’s become tradition for me to head straight over to this place for food before heading home from the airport. It’s been around for ages and my mom originally brought me there to try the box lunch, which she used to always bring on school field trips as a child. The fried noodles are so bomb I couldn’t stop going after that. Damn, just thinking about it now makes me want more!

2. Sugarlina Bakery
My dad purchased some sweets for me ahead of time (how thoughtful!). I always love it when bakeries invest in cute stickers for their packaging!

Hehe, the blueberry macaron matched my nail polish! The macarons were delicious — some of the best I’ve ever had at home but still doesn’t compete with the macarons I’ve gotten in LA! My favorite place still has to be Frances Bakery & Coffee in Little Tokyo.

I was impressed with Sugarlina’s mocha cupcake! As you can tell by the tupperware cover under the cupcake, it had been waiting for me in the fridge for ~2 days. I was expecting it to be a little dried out since it wasn’t fresh, but it was REALLY moist! Amazeballs! Definite thumbs up for that! The frosting was refreshing since it was really flavorful, smooth, and creamy without being overly rich. Matched the texture of the cake itself very well.

3. Fancy Cake from Costco…WHAAA???

 Don’t get me wrong…fricken LOVEE the baked goodies from Costco. Everything they make is amazing but the presentation is always so-so. I mean, you’re paying for the shear volume of fattiness and not for the pretty factor. But damn, look at this rich, fatty piece of goodness! Just as pretty as it is yummy. Thank you Costco for making me that much fatter during my trip home.

4. Sushi for breakfast!

Oh yeah. One of the things I love about home: the cheap sushi from our nearby supermarket, Don Quijote (straight outta Japan, yo!). Hehehe. Granted, the quality is so-so, but for $8??? I’ll definitely put that sucker in my cart AND eat it for breakfast…which I totally did. Now I just have to hit up 7-eleven for some bomb-ass spam musubi. CAN’T WAIT. #fattystatus

5. Family Gatherings = 2000+ Calorie Meals

Our family knows how to have a good time. Good food, good wine, and good stories always make our get-togethers unforgettable. Next month my cousin is getting married (w00t w00t!) so we had a Bridal Shower for the bride this past weekend to start the celebratory festivities. ^o^

The appetizers (pupus, as we call them in Hawaiian/local talk) consisted of garlic edamame, teriyaki meatballs (so juicy OMGGG), and some locally made sausage filled with all sorts of goodies.

My plate for lunch. And get this…I didn’t even have room to grab a little bit of everything! ANNNND this is how we do a low-key lunch. Usually there’s at least 3x the amount of food to choose from. It’s a wonder I can still fit through the door. My plate consisted of mac salad, veggies, fruits, fried saimin, homemade baked beans, turkey burger (omitted half the bun in an attempt to finish everything on my plate), and strawberry/walnut/spinach salad with homemade strawberry dressing. Oh gosh, getting hungry AGAIN.

Dessert. All homemade too. Nian gao, lilikoi (passion fruit) mochi, shortbread cookie with lilikoi curd, strawberry cheesecake, and haupia (basically like coconut jello). Oh my. Good thing I shared this plate with my mom…

We also play a lot of games at our family gatherings. One of the games was to draw a picture of the groom (pictured above) on a paper plate while holding the plate on our head. LOL I won!!! w00t w00t. I think it’s my captions that sealed the deal!

Close up of my drawing. LOL

There were a lot of other games and we won small prizes for pretty much all of them. Definitely made out like a bandit! Lots of Bath and Body Works goodies and practical stuff all Hawaii people need…like nori and ziploc bags. HAHA

Anyways, that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the photos! I start my 6-week clinical rotation at an outpatient physical therapy clinic tomorrow (sooo nervous) so hopefully they won’t tear me apart…I have plans to meet up with people for more ono food adventures so STAY TUNED! 

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(Soooo half of this post was written before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, my phone really does suck and I couldn’t get all the photos in the post originally…booface)

Quick post before getting on my flight bound for Honolulu! Hopefully this works since I’m attempting to do this on my sad excuse for a smartphone *chucks phone across terminal

1. Had a LAN party the other day. Yes, I’m a dork. *honest Played a bunch of sc2 (while secretly wishing I was playing D3) with four of my buddies. It’s amazing how warm my room gets when there are 5 laptops/computers running at the same time.

2. Painted to nails! My first time experimenting with fancy designs! Definitely falling in love with this newfound form of artistic expression!

3. Finally got to wear the ear cuff I made for myself AGES ago!

4. Shot a un for the first time. Shot a 9mm 1911 Kimber pistol and a rifle of some sort. LOL not even sure if I got those names right…


5. Some cold and sweet yummy goodness from IOTA Coffee and Bakery in Ktown. Perfect end to a night of manly gun shootin’.

About to board soon! Next time I post I’ll be in lovely Hawaii!

Heh, I totally said I’d be posting like two days ago and TOTALLY DIDN’T. MY BAD.

In my defense, it was MY BIRTHDAY a couple days ago! OMGGGG I’m 23 (half way to mid-twenties fml) and I’m currently still recovering from the most MASSIVE HANGOVER I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE.

It was definitely one of the more chill birthdays I’ve had — just had an impromptu post-taiko practice birthday dinner with some old friends at Honda-ya Izakaya (seriously one of my favorite places in L.A.)…

We all look pretty good considering this was right after practice…haha

And it was seriously the best night to go there because they were promoting a new Awamori. $1 Awamori Chu-Hi and Okinawan music. Felt like I was back in Okinawa again and boy, did it feel nice (especially after my second Chu-Hi ^o^).

White Peach Awamori Chu-Hi! We got a second round before we even finished the first so our friend could hit on the hot waitress…but he didn’t…FAIL.

Oh, and of course, we had our share of good eats there too (duhhh)…

Some of the various yakiniku skewers we ordered…

The chicken meatball skewers are seriously THE BEST.

The damage after round 1….

Assorted Sashimi to close out the night. (Had to settle for this since they only serve nigiri sushi on weekends! WTF!!!)


…and finally a night of clubbing in Hollywood!!!

I dunno what’s going on in the background…but I think it’s hilarious (which is why I chose it).

We ended up going to the Colony since our friend was promoting there that night and it was MUCH BETTER than before. The last time we went there the DJ majorly sucked, it was all old people, and they hired some models/cheap porn stars to do some kinky S&M stuff for “entertainment”. BLEH.

It was definitely a fun way to celebrate my birthday…perhaps too much fun though since I was hungover for most of the next day. FAIL FAIL FAIL (but also SO MUCH WIN).

Thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate with me! ^o^ ❤ y’all tons!

As a side note…I just realized I still haven’t had birthday cake yet. SADNESS. THIS FOODIE DEMANDS SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT THIS…*looks around* Ahhhh I’ll just get something for myself tomorrow. -__-;;;