(Soooo half of this post was written before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, my phone really does suck and I couldn’t get all the photos in the post originally…booface)

Quick post before getting on my flight bound for Honolulu! Hopefully this works since I’m attempting to do this on my sad excuse for a smartphone *chucks phone across terminal

1. Had a LAN party the other day. Yes, I’m a dork. *honest Played a bunch of sc2 (while secretly wishing I was playing D3) with four of my buddies. It’s amazing how warm my room gets when there are 5 laptops/computers running at the same time.

2. Painted to nails! My first time experimenting with fancy designs! Definitely falling in love with this newfound form of artistic expression!

3. Finally got to wear the ear cuff I made for myself AGES ago!

4. Shot a un for the first time. Shot a 9mm 1911 Kimber pistol and a rifle of some sort. LOL not even sure if I got those names right…


5. Some cold and sweet yummy goodness from IOTA Coffee and Bakery in Ktown. Perfect end to a night of manly gun shootin’.

About to board soon! Next time I post I’ll be in lovely Hawaii!


So I totally underestimated the massive amount of material I need to study for this Friday’s midterm AND on top of that, I totally underestimated the amount of time I had to get through all of it. *sigh* ‘Tis the life of a burnt-out grad student. As a result, there’s a BUNCH OF STUFF that I’ve been DYING to share but never got around to. *FAIL* So…here we go… *takes a deep breath in*

1. The Twitter post(s) that made me lulz in class

My friends are already well aware of this…but I’m totally in LOVE with Audrey and Tim, this cute-ass couple from Malaysia. *dies inside* My friend shared this video of him proposing to her with MEMES and I totally died inside from the cuteness. (I also realize that this all makes me sound like a crazy fan girl. Ugh. I swear, I’m not. Just a sucker for cute, heartwarming moments.) Recently, he posted this little commentary on K-Drama that just made me LULZ IN CLASS (btw, start at the bottom then work your way up…lol):

I lulzed because: one, spot-on observations; and two, I LOVE SECRET GARDEN. *dies again* Oh, and btdubz, you should totally follow their blogs. Links here (in case you missed it earlier):

his and hers

P.S. For those Big Bang/Secret Garden fans…their parody of the show is HILARIOUS. ❤ TOP and Daesung.


2. Love “Payphone” by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa


When I first heard this song I was like, “DAMN. This is a good song” and I just continued to rock out without paying attention to the lyrics. Then after repeatedly listening to it on Spotify for a bit, I realized that it’s a sad song…but also perfect for what I’ve been feeling recently. YAYYY I FOUND MY POST-BREAKUP SONG. *sigh* I won’t say what parts of the song best describe my feelings at the moment though…bit too personal for a public blog. You can try to figure it out on your own. In the meantime, I’ll keep rocking out to this song…


3. On a happier note, my Diablo III character is lookin’ DAMN FINE

Meet Ahwha. (Sidenote: My default response to things when I’m not paying attention is: Ahh whaaa? So…I made it my character’s name lol.) She’s only level 22 (thanks grad school for truncating my play time) but I think she’s looking pretty sexy. Look at that blood on her wand. Don’t mess with her (or me) cuz WE WILL OWN YOU. 

I’m sure there’s more…but this will do for now. My stack of Biomechanics lecture notes looks a little scary still and I should probably look through them all. BLEH

Unfortunately Blizzard was not entirely prepared for Diablo III. I was so excited to play after a long, painful day at school and I only managed to play for about an hour before we got kicked off the server. I’ll be honest, I’m really bummed. Why? Here’s why:

1. Made a special trip to the grocery store after 6.5 hours of straight class to get pizza rolls. I only bought them so I could eat while playing Diablo.
2. I ate half the bag of pizza rolls because I was so excited to play. (Now I’m bloated and feel like death.)
3. Had my Monster ready to go.
4. Cleared my schedule for all-night Diablo fun.

Pretty much, this is how I was envisioning my Tuesday night:

Courtesy of 9gag

And this is all Blizzard can say for themselves right now:

Investigating my ass. Y’all have been fixing this crap ALL DAY today and it’s STILL NOT FIXED. Someone’s gonna get FIRED.

Anyways, since I can’t play Diablo right now, I’m going to post an ass-ton of food porn. (Primarily because I’m sad and food makes me happy. ENJOY!
(FYI: Each caption has a link to the respective restaurant’s Yelp page. ^o^)

Daikokuya (Alambra, CA) – Kotteri Ramen and Orion Beer

Tasty Garden (Alhambra, CA) – Tofu, meat, and shiitake mushrooms

Tasty Garden (Alhambra, CA) – Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

Tasty Garden (Alhambra, CA) – Another random dish (can’t remember the name)

Jocko’s (Nipomo, CA) – Spencer Steak

Public School (Los Angeles, CA) – Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese

Homemade – Japanese style breakfast

Homemade – “Chirashi” sushi


Hope you enjoyed the food porn! If you’re a foodie like me and LOVE YELP you can check out my reviews. Feel free to friend me on Yelp (just let me know you got to my profile via my blog) and follow my blog while you’re at it! (The follow button is off to the right. Over there –>.)


Hello strangers. Unfortunately, I totally failed at blogging during my first year of DPT school. Whoops! But guess what? I’m done with 5/8 of my finals!!! (Seriously, who in their right frickin’ mind thought 8 finals over the course of 6 days was a good idea? Makes me think our professors have a really screwed up sense of humor…)

Even though I have 3 more finals to study for, I thought I’d say hello again by sharing a video that my friend shared with me a few days back. Unless you play SC2 or have some understanding of the game this video won’t be as entertaining for you…so for those of you who know diddly squat about SC2, my apologies. Also, this video has been around for awhile already so if you’ve seen it already…just watch it again for a good laugh. ^o^