The space I inhabit is really important to me. I have to enjoy my surroundings in order to produce my best work. Unfortunately, for the last few years I’ve been limited to renting and school dorms so modifying my living spaces has been really tough. Can’t just drill holes into the wall, paint murals on the walls, or demolish walls whenever I feel like it. *le sigh*

With my most recent place, I started experimenting with wall decals and command hooks to see how I could use them to decorate my room. The above picture is what I managed to do above my bed. I got the wall decals online and hung the curtains up with command hooks and two wood dowels from the hardware store. No holes drilled into the wall and (hopefully) no paint damage. Since this little project was a success, I decided to use the same techniques to hang curtains over my window to hide these ugly blinds the place came with.

Here’s how I did it!

You can purchase larger command hooks (they would probably be better) but the smaller ones work just fine. They also come with transparent tape now which is really nice if your walls aren’t white.

I didn’t have time to sand the wood dowel so I used the tape to prevent snagging. I’d recommend sanding the wood if you plan on moving the curtains around a lot….decrease that coefficient of friction! *nerd moment ftw* Here’s a video for making the origami balloon. Super easy and I needed something to cover the ends for now (was too lazy to go with my original plan).

Oh…and in case you were wondering…this all cost me less than $15 to make!