TOPSHOP – Peter Pan Necklace

So I’ve been a fan of the whole “collar” thing for awhile now but I haven’t gotten on that bandwagon…until now. I was about to buy this collar (pictured above) from TOPSHOP when I was in Vegas last month…but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $28 for it. My philosophy when shopping is: spend little on trendy items, invest in the essentials. (This is probably THE philosophy for most budget-conscious individuals.)

Instead, I decided to make my own version of this collar/necklace. YAYY FOR DIY PROJECTS! I mean, why not? It’s always more fun to have something that others don’t have, right? ^o^

Here’s the finished product:

TA-DA! The materials cost about $5 and it took about 3-4 hours to make. W00T W00T! Already saving money! The small crystals are 3mm swarovski crystals and the rest are just your run of the mill beads from the craft store. I believe the silver beads are 4mm and the black beads are ~6mm.

Still haven’t worn it out yet, so you’ll have to wait for a photo of it “in action”. In the meantime, you can (if you’re interested) get a glimpse into how I made it. ^o^

Step 1: The supplies
Beads (duh), pliers, side-cutter pliers (I think that’s what they’re called), monofilament, and some silver findings for the end of the necklace (where we’d connect the clasps). I like to get regular fishing line (vs the jewelry monofilament) because it’s cheaper and I’m assuming it’s as strong, or stronger. I mean, this is the stuff they use to catch fish right? Haha

Step 2: Starting Row 1
So, if you look at the “pattern” and the actual collar….I made a boo boo. Can you spot it? Hahaha The trick with making things like this is you don’t want to pull each loop too tight or too loose. Too tight and it won’t lie flat…too loose and the beads won’t be spaced evenly and it’ll be more likely to catch onto something and break.

Step 3: Ending Row 1
The final loop is a little different from the middle loops so I included a photo of it. Don’t forget to link the two sides of the collar! I almost forgot…hahaha

Step 4: Starting and Ending Row 2
So this is one of the points when I failed at documenting the steps properly. Hahaha. The start of Row 2 can be seen on the left, and the ending can be seen on the right. In order to make the rest of the collar less complicated, I tied off the monofilament at this point rather than try to finish the entire thing with one piece of it. (Trust me, this will make your life SO MUCH BETTER.)

Step 5: Row 3

Okay…so this is a bigger fail for documenting the steps. SORRY. The pattern shows how to start it off (pretty similar to Row 2 so shouldn’t be too hard). The ending for this row is the most difficult so that’s why I’ve included 3 small photos of it. >.<

Step 6: Starting Row 5
This part was a little difficult as well…just because the first three loops are all different so you have to really concentrate and not get distracted (like I did). The bottom right picture shows the first loop that doesn’t link to any of the previous rows. (Row 4 is completed last because it doesn’t span the entire length of the collar (so it would’ve been hard to complete row 5 had we done that one first.)

Step 7: Finishing Row 5
ALMOST DONE! In case you haven’t noticed…the black circles on the diagrams are old beads…the colorful circles are the new beads you add to the collar. ^o^

Step 8: Row 4
This is how you finish it off. The beads in the right red box are from row 5, the beads in the left red box are from row 3. After you do 9 of these loops, you run the two strands of monofilament through the nearest 5 silver beads then tie it off.

In case you forgot what the finished product looks like…here it is again!


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Happy crafting!!!


The space I inhabit is really important to me. I have to enjoy my surroundings in order to produce my best work. Unfortunately, for the last few years I’ve been limited to renting and school dorms so modifying my living spaces has been really tough. Can’t just drill holes into the wall, paint murals on the walls, or demolish walls whenever I feel like it. *le sigh*

With my most recent place, I started experimenting with wall decals and command hooks to see how I could use them to decorate my room. The above picture is what I managed to do above my bed. I got the wall decals online and hung the curtains up with command hooks and two wood dowels from the hardware store. No holes drilled into the wall and (hopefully) no paint damage. Since this little project was a success, I decided to use the same techniques to hang curtains over my window to hide these ugly blinds the place came with.

Here’s how I did it!

You can purchase larger command hooks (they would probably be better) but the smaller ones work just fine. They also come with transparent tape now which is really nice if your walls aren’t white.

I didn’t have time to sand the wood dowel so I used the tape to prevent snagging. I’d recommend sanding the wood if you plan on moving the curtains around a lot….decrease that coefficient of friction! *nerd moment ftw* Here’s a video for making the origami balloon. Super easy and I needed something to cover the ends for now (was too lazy to go with my original plan).

Oh…and in case you were wondering…this all cost me less than $15 to make!

I’ve always had trouble organizing my jewelry. I either have too much jewelry (which I feel like is the most likely culprit until I find myself unable to choose jewelry for my outfit) or I just suck at organization. X.x That being said, I usually find myself looking for more effective organization solutions. The most recent (and appealing) one I found was jewelry trees. The dorky LOTR nerd resurfaced and I knew I just had to make one. I mean, come on. Sparkly stuff hanging from tree branches seems so…elven and AWESOME.

This is what my finished jewelry tree looks like:

Not bad right? I especially liked this idea since it allows you to utilize space vertically without having to install shelving (which is trickier when renting). AND IT JUST LOOKS PRETTY. I mean, hanging sparkly stuff always makes things more AWESOME, right? For comparison, this is how everything looked before:

Definitely BLAH compared to the first picture, yeah? *nods head* One of the main issues I had with this layout was trying to find anything. The earrings were a mess (left bamboo tray) and the dainty necklaces (right bamboo tray) were always getting stuck in between the bamboo pieces.

So how did I do it?

1. Get the necessary supplies (duh).

Branches (purchased from Jo-Ann’s after the most fail search >.<)
(randomly found in my closet)
Decorative Rocks (or something that you can stick the branches into)
Decorative dishes, trays, etc. (anything that can organize leftover jewelry)…not pictured (cuz I suck)

2. Set up the tree.

Tip 1: Start placing the branches while using the larger rocks. Keep in mind that the branches will move outward once you start hanging the jewelry.
Tip 2: Use smaller rocks to help secure the branches once you’re happy with the branch placement.
Tip 3: DO THIS IN THE SPACE YOU’LL BE USING THE TREE. It’ll look better, trust me. And you’ll decrease the probability of screwing everything up when you move the tree. (I speak from experience…)

3. Start hanging stuff! ^o^


If you’re a perfectionist like me, it might take some time to get everything the way you want. But, it’s totally worth it IMO. I’ve included some additional photos below so you can see just how I organized everything.

Placed these at the rim of the vase for additional support — some of the branches needed it.

Used some old jewelry boxes to create levels with my bamboo trays. (Boxes = good additional storage as well!)

Chunky necklaces on top…

Long necklaces in the middle…

Leftover earrings and rings on the bottom…

My go-to pieces have a special ceramic plate. Chunky bracelets stack nicely on the side and random trinkets have a special little cup…

Gifts and special pieces  stay in their special little boxes…

If this inspired you to make a jewelry tree, comment below to let me know how it goes! (links to pictures would be AWESOME as well!) I know a friend of mine made one after she saw mine but I have to wait until she’s back from NY to take a picture of it!

Have a DIY project you think I might be interested in? Comment below to share them with me!

Happy Friday folks!