Aulani Resort + En Fuego

This past weekend, myself and a few friends from USC undergrad (FIGHT ON!) decided to take a break from all the Olympics coverage to explore the newest addition to Ko Olina and to the Disney Resort Family….Aulani. Here we are with a friend we ran into in the courtyard area. Sometimes I wish I lived in Japan so I could buy all the cute Stitch paraphernalia they sell there.

Before we managed to get to the resort we HAD to fill up on some grub. Don’t wanna go on an adventure without energizing up first. ^o^

We stopped by En Fuego Grill & Poke in Kapolei to try out their supposedly onolicious plate lunches. Don’t be fooled by the name…everything here is high-quality local kine grindz…not mexican food. Tricky bastards.


Here’s my $10 combination plate lunch. Furikake Salmon and Garlic Chicken. Oh my…everything was perfection. Click HERE for my yelp review. (I’m wayyy too lazy to post it here haha.)

Here’s my friend’s lunch. I’m not quite sure what it is…some sort of Ahi pattie on salad. I took a picture of it regardless of how much I knew about it. (^^)v

Here’s proof that we (at least one member) were really prepared for some touristy activities. It’s not everyday we proudly swing this bad boy around our necks for random outings.

Okay…finally to some (horrible) pictures of Aulani. (Sorry guys, I was so excited to be there I couldn’t focus on trying to achieve beautiful compositions with my photos…)

Inside Aulani’s lobby. If you’ve ever been to the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland, it was pretty much like that…except not as big and more…polynesian (durr). It was definitely beautiful though. Had that touch of Disney magic everywhere you turned. HOW DO THEY ALWAYS SUCCEED AT TRANSFORMING PLACES INTO MAGICAL DESTINATIONS??? #madprops

This is what you see once you walk through the lobby. Still looks pretty magical despite my horrible camera skills that day…

One of the two buildings where those (lucky) rich ass bastards stay…man I want to be one of those people…minus the bastard part haha.

The courtyard looked a bit cramped…but damn it’s still pretty. And on a super hot day (which it was) those water activities look like SO MUCH FUN. #jealous

Seriously…next time I’m going in that. Like…I need to.

So Aulani was amazeballs. We took more photos on my friend’s spiffy camera but she hasn’t posted them yet. Perhaps I’ll do another post once we get those photos uploaded. Until then…CHILLAX AND ENJOY THE SUMMERTIME FOLKS. ❤ ❤ ❤










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