Seafood and Macarons

Every time I’m home I make an effort to visit certain places and people. The flavors I crave when I’m stuck studying in my LA apartment; the people I miss sharing stories with until the wee hours of the morning. They definitely make going home a trip that I look forward to.

But new adventures are always welcome. New flavors and people spice up life at home, especially when things become monotonous. A few days ago I finally got to try out Tango Contemporary Cafe and I’m happy I did. I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of food and the level of service we received. (Usually waiters don’t even glance our way since we’re younger and they assume that we don’t have the money to afford anything but fast food meals.) The quality of the food itself was a bit better than what I was expecting, but nothing too special. If anything, I would go again for the service we got this past time.

Interior of the restaurant. I’m such a sucker for elegant spaces that don’t try to hide the industrial feel that comes with the space. Love love love!

Our appetizer of the night: seared scallops on a spinach salad, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms. They offered to plate half-portions for us since we were splitting the meal. I’d have to say 3 scallops a person is a pretty good steal!

Our entree for the night. Seared furikake ahi with mashed potatoes, lobster sauce, and assorted veggies. Don’t let the picture deceive you…those pieces of Ahi are about 3-4x larger than they look. Oh, and they gave us extra sauce on the side. I think I was a bit too excited about that though and over-smothered my mashed potatoes in it. >.<

At the end of the night, we hurried back to Ala Moana to stop by Patisserie la Palme D’Or, my favorite patisserie on the island (so far). Super elegant and refined with some really cute staff. I think I I got addicted to their plantation jelly tea because I wanted to see the cute guy there again haha!

This time I still got my plantation jelly tea (pineapple jelly with black tea) but I also got some other goodies too!

Mango Fromage (mango cheesecake with a layer of dense spongecake). Hot damn. I think I died and went to heaven. The spongecake was…so amazing I wanted to cry. Not really, but you know…¬†figuratively. And then the cheesecake. OH.MAH.GAWD. So creamy and light. I think I could eat a whole 12″ cake of that stuff. I was seriously about to jump the counter and raid their fridge to see if they had more sitting around.

But the best part of this trip to La Palme D’Or? MINI MACARONS. DOUBLE OH MAH GAWD.

Key lime macarons and MINI mint chocolate macarons. I think I found the food that will seriously make me fat and diabetic. >.< They pop into your mouth like candy and they taste AMAZING. Holy shit. #dies I want more…

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for some nomtastic photos of chinese plate lunch, ramen, and more!


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