Sayonara LA! Hello Hawaii!

(Soooo half of this post was written before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, my phone really does suck and I couldn’t get all the photos in the post originally…booface)

Quick post before getting on my flight bound for Honolulu! Hopefully this works since I’m attempting to do this on my sad excuse for a smartphone *chucks phone across terminal

1. Had a LAN party the other day. Yes, I’m a dork. *honest Played a bunch of sc2 (while secretly wishing I was playing D3) with four of my buddies. It’s amazing how warm my room gets when there are 5 laptops/computers running at the same time.

2. Painted to nails! My first time experimenting with fancy designs! Definitely falling in love with this newfound form of artistic expression!

3. Finally got to wear the ear cuff I made for myself AGES ago!

4. Shot a un for the first time. Shot a 9mm 1911 Kimber pistol and a rifle of some sort. LOL not even sure if I got those names right…


5. Some cold and sweet yummy goodness from IOTA Coffee and Bakery in Ktown. Perfect end to a night of manly gun shootin’.

About to board soon! Next time I post I’ll be in lovely Hawaii!


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