Nomming in the 626 and Vegas!

SORRY FOR BEING MIA (not like there was really anyone to miss me haha). I was in Vegas this past weekend and you know…blogging when in Vegas is sorta lame. Partying AND blogging would be even more lame so I opted not to bring my laptop or attempt to post from my phone. LOL TRYING NOT TO BE A LOSER HERE.

Anyways, here’s a summary of what I’ve been eating/doing for the last few days!

(Nota bene: As always, links to yelp pages are provided!)

1. In-n-Out (Alhambra, CA)
Seriously, one of the best things to get before heading out to the beach. Animal style ftw!


2. Paciugo Gelato @ Caffe (Hermosa Beach, LA)
One of my favorite gelato places in LA. Even if it’s cold as balls outside, I’ll still come here for some gelato goodness. Their hot chocolate is SUPER BOMB and I love their Affogato de caffe (pictured above). Got it with Cheesecake and Pepe Nero (black pepper olive oil) gelato. So bomb!


3. Armando’s Lunch Truck (USC, Los Angeles, CA)
One of the things I miss most about USC’s main campus (damn you Health Science Campus for lacking Armando’s goodness). I always get the Lendale (basically everything you can have at breakfast packed between two pieces of bread). Their breakfast burritos are also SUPER DOPE.


4. Beijing Noodle No. 9 (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV)
Pretty dope noodles that will make you go broke ($20 for a bowl of noodles and $4/person for tea? WTBALLS). Makes me miss the cheap eats in the 626. Zha Jiang Mian was pretty awesome though and the seafood soup looked delish as well.


5. Bouchon (Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV)
Been dying to dine here for awhile after hearing such good things about Thomas Keller and falling in love with their bakery. Food was AVERAGE though so slight disappointment. At least it all looks super pretty!


6. Serendipity 3 (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV)
Alright…so we didn’t actually get anything here. Two attempts and no food. The wait was too long for the restaurant and the damn line outside was WAYYY TOO LONG for the 100deg+ weather. Instead we just took a picture outside to please le momzies who wanted me to go there.


7. Laters Vegas!
Now onto 5.5 hours of traffic. Yup…the joys of planning our travels SUPER WELL >.< At least we got some good noms once we made it back to LA.


8. Boiling Point (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Lamb Hot Soup ftw. Look at all that bubbling goodness. Seriously the best thing we could’ve gotten after such a long drive back from Vegas. Also, their garlic sauce is BOMB. Makes everything taste delicious and your breath smell spectacular haha.


9. Cafe Bravo (Glendale, CA)
Looks like shit in the picture (cuz I already ate half of it lol) but it was pretty delish. The Ikra (roasted eggplant w/ all sorts of other veggie goodness) was dope. Hummus was so-so.


10. Trader Joes (Toluca Lake, CA)
Okay, wtballs. Pineapple juice? OMG so delicious. And damn them for putting the chocolate goodies next to the register. *chocolatewhore


11. Ozero by Cofftea (Alhambra, CA)
One of my favorite boba places in the 626 (just because of their unique drinks). Fluffy Matcha Coffee anyone? *heavenly Also digging their new Ikea lights. ^o^

Damn, I’m super hungry (and super broke) now. Haha but it was all worth it. And stay tuned, for the next few weeks all food posts will be based in HAWAII! Going home for my clinical rotation and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new noms Hawaii has to offer!

Until then, happy nomming and exploring people!







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