Hopeless Romantic

Even though I come off as a complete hardass I’m really a hopeless romantic at heart…blarghhh the truth can be pukeworthy.

Anyways, I’m a huge fan of Jen from frmheadtotoe — she’s an amazing makeup artist and I’m totally enjoying her role in Wong Fu Production’s newest project: Away We Happened. It’s a youtube web series where the subsequent episodes are based off of what the fans want. It also features people such as Victor Kim (such a cutie) from Quest Crew and I’ve got to say, the last episode is BEYOND CUTE. My roommate said she could hear my squealing from my room. I think I’m still dying from the cuteness. I wish my love life was super romantic and overly cute like this! AHHHHH DYING STILL.

Here’s episode 4 for your viewing pleasure:


And in case you need to watch the other episodes (which you should) here they are!




Episode 5 will be out June 19th! Can’t wait!



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