This weekend’s haul

This weekend two of my good friends performed in the 7th Annual Makoto Taiko Concert at Occidental College. And let me tell you, they were BOMB DIGGITY AWESOME. Totally kicked ass (as expected). They were only shown up by the super cute kid who missed his cue to get on stage and ended up running across the stage halfway through the song to get to his drum. ADORBZ!

Before heading to the concert I went to Glendale Galleria/Americana to do some quick shopping (specifically for new foundation) and ended up getting more crap than intended. >.< ‘Tis the story of my life I guess.

All under $6 at Forever 21!

I totally love the nail polish. It’s really cheap (under $3) so it’s good for those who like to change up their nail polish color frequently. I know cheap nail polish = easier chipping/cracking/whatevers but I don’t really care about that.

Finally, got this belated birthday gift from my “hubby”:

ダークサイド = Dark Side…AMAZEBALLS!

I saw this shirt at Downtown Disney a couple weeks ago but decided not to buy it (chose this cute Tokidoki Captain America shirt instead) but couldn’t stop thinking about it. Luckily, my “hubby” bought it for me! THANK YOUUU~!


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