What I’m watching now…

So yesterday (damn…feels like more than just a day) I posted a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to share with y’all but never got around to thanks to GRAD SCHOOL. -__-;;; One of the things I posted about was K-dramas and I just so happened to watch this video by Fung Brothers that also mentioned K-dramas so…I just had to share it. ^o^ I’m no longer an Asian American teen *sobs*, but I think these all totally apply to 20-something year old Asian Americans as well.


Also…if you liked this video…you’ll probably like this one:


After my friends and I watched this video we were proud and sorta embarrassed at the same time because we seriously frequent 80% of the places in the video. The other 20% we always talk about hitting up but never do since we’re at one of our regular spots. >.< (Sidenote: Totally went to Factory Tea Bar a few days in a row during my finals week….V(^o^)V)

Definitely check out the rest of their stuff!

Okay…now back to studying. *dies*


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