Sorry for the Delay!

Heh, I totally said I’d be posting like two days ago and TOTALLY DIDN’T. MY BAD.

In my defense, it was MY BIRTHDAY a couple days ago! OMGGGG I’m 23 (half way to mid-twenties fml) and I’m currently still recovering from the most MASSIVE HANGOVER I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE.

It was definitely one of the more chill birthdays I’ve had — just had an impromptu post-taiko practice birthday dinner with some old friends at Honda-ya Izakaya (seriously one of my favorite places in L.A.)…

We all look pretty good considering this was right after practice…haha

And it was seriously the best night to go there because they were promoting a new Awamori. $1 Awamori Chu-Hi and Okinawan music. Felt like I was back in Okinawa again and boy, did it feel nice (especially after my second Chu-Hi ^o^).

White Peach Awamori Chu-Hi! We got a second round before we even finished the first so our friend could hit on the hot waitress…but he didn’t…FAIL.

Oh, and of course, we had our share of good eats there too (duhhh)…

Some of the various yakiniku skewers we ordered…

The chicken meatball skewers are seriously THE BEST.

The damage after round 1….

Assorted Sashimi to close out the night. (Had to settle for this since they only serve nigiri sushi on weekends! WTF!!!)


…and finally a night of clubbing in Hollywood!!!

I dunno what’s going on in the background…but I think it’s hilarious (which is why I chose it).

We ended up going to the Colony since our friend was promoting there that night and it was MUCH BETTER than before. The last time we went there the DJ majorly sucked, it was all old people, and they hired some models/cheap porn stars to do some kinky S&M stuff for “entertainment”. BLEH.

It was definitely a fun way to celebrate my birthday…perhaps too much fun though since I was hungover for most of the next day. FAIL FAIL FAIL (but also SO MUCH WIN).

Thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate with me! ^o^ ❤ y’all tons!

As a side note…I just realized I still haven’t had birthday cake yet. SADNESS. THIS FOODIE DEMANDS SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT THIS…*looks around* Ahhhh I’ll just get something for myself tomorrow. -__-;;;


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