HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the wonderful mothers out there! I know I’m super thankful to have an AMAZINGLY awesome mom. Even though we annoy each other a lot (especially when I’m back home for vacation) we still love each other like crazy people. It’s funny, I think the reason why my mom and I get along so well/butt heads so much is because we’re more like sisters than mother-daughter. Some examples:

1. We both like to share pictures of hot guys for each others viewing pleasure (especially if said hot guy has a badonkadonkin’ ass). For example, after I finished my finals my friend posted a link (on the left) and my mom decided to share a similar link…lol

2. We sorta give each other relationship advice. It’s not just a one-way road of knowledge/advice for us which can be…well…sorta weird but awesome at the same time. For example, our conversation last night went something like this:

Mom: Ughhh your dad told me we’re going out for dinner tonight and I can’t dress casually.
Me: ….man, shut up and stop complaining. Just accept the nice dinner lady! You know, NOT EVERYONE GETS TREATED TO NICE DINNERS! (#bitterdaughterwithnoman)
Mom: Ahhh fineeee.

3. We know how to push each others buttons and do it for our own entertainment. I don’t think most people would throw cold water on their mom when they’re in the shower just to be a funny PITA (pain in the ass…it’s my mom’s nickname for me).

So yeah. There’s more but we’ll just go with the top three reasons for now. So…even though I annoy the crap out of you mama-san (when she reads this she’ll probably wanna smack me lol) LOVE YOU TONS AND ROCK IT TODAY CUZ IT’S MAMA’S DAY.



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