DIY: Jewelry Tree

I’ve always had trouble organizing my jewelry. I either have too much jewelry (which I feel like is the most likely culprit until I find myself unable to choose jewelry for my outfit) or I just suck at organization. X.x That being said, I usually find myself looking for more effective organization solutions. The most recent (and appealing) one I found was jewelry trees. The dorky LOTR nerd resurfaced and I knew I just had to make one. I mean, come on. Sparkly stuff hanging from tree branches seems so…elven and AWESOME.

This is what my finished jewelry tree looks like:

Not bad right? I especially liked this idea since it allows you to utilize space vertically without having to install shelving (which is trickier when renting). AND IT JUST LOOKS PRETTY. I mean, hanging sparkly stuff always makes things more AWESOME, right? For comparison, this is how everything looked before:

Definitely BLAH compared to the first picture, yeah? *nods head* One of the main issues I had with this layout was trying to find anything. The earrings were a mess (left bamboo tray) and the dainty necklaces (right bamboo tray) were always getting stuck in between the bamboo pieces.

So how did I do it?

1. Get the necessary supplies (duh).

Branches (purchased from Jo-Ann’s after the most fail search >.<)
(randomly found in my closet)
Decorative Rocks (or something that you can stick the branches into)
Decorative dishes, trays, etc. (anything that can organize leftover jewelry)…not pictured (cuz I suck)

2. Set up the tree.

Tip 1: Start placing the branches while using the larger rocks. Keep in mind that the branches will move outward once you start hanging the jewelry.
Tip 2: Use smaller rocks to help secure the branches once you’re happy with the branch placement.
Tip 3: DO THIS IN THE SPACE YOU’LL BE USING THE TREE. It’ll look better, trust me. And you’ll decrease the probability of screwing everything up when you move the tree. (I speak from experience…)

3. Start hanging stuff! ^o^


If you’re a perfectionist like me, it might take some time to get everything the way you want. But, it’s totally worth it IMO. I’ve included some additional photos below so you can see just how I organized everything.

Placed these at the rim of the vase for additional support — some of the branches needed it.

Used some old jewelry boxes to create levels with my bamboo trays. (Boxes = good additional storage as well!)

Chunky necklaces on top…

Long necklaces in the middle…

Leftover earrings and rings on the bottom…

My go-to pieces have a special ceramic plate. Chunky bracelets stack nicely on the side and random trinkets have a special little cup…

Gifts and special pieces  stay in their special little boxes…

If this inspired you to make a jewelry tree, comment below to let me know how it goes! (links to pictures would be AWESOME as well!) I know a friend of mine made one after she saw mine but I have to wait until she’s back from NY to take a picture of it!

Have a DIY project you think I might be interested in? Comment below to share them with me!

Happy Friday folks!


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