Well this is sorta awkward…

Hello strangers. Unfortunately, I totally failed at blogging during my first year of DPT school. Whoops! But guess what? I’m done with 5/8 of my finals!!! (Seriously, who in their right frickin’ mind thought 8 finals over the course of 6 days was a good idea? Makes me think our professors have a really screwed up sense of humor…)

Even though I have 3 more finals to study for, I thought I’d say hello again by sharing a video that my friend shared with me a few days back. Unless you play SC2 or have some understanding of the game this video won’t be as entertaining for you…so for those of you who know diddly squat about SC2, my apologies. Also, this video has been around for awhile already so if you’ve seen it already…just watch it again for a good laugh. ^o^


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