milk tea to the rescue!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I started my graduate program last week Monday and boy what a crazy two weeks it’s been so far! Classes for 7-9 hours EVERY DAY and hours of studying after dinner definitely makes it tough to blog, BUT HERE I AM!

via RetroCamera for Droid

This tea (pictured above) was sent from Hawaii from my Mommy (^o^) and has been helping me stay sane despite my slow evolution into a walking zombie. It’s a fruity tea that makes for a surprisingly good milk tea! If you live in California (like me) I’m sure you can find this tea (or something similar) at Marukai or any other store carrying products from Hawaii.

For those of you fellow caffeine addicts/dependents and boba heads out there, I’m sure the phrase “milk tea” caught your eye! I’ve been making milk tea (and boba) at home to save money and you can too because it’s super simple! You only need THREE ingredients!

Simple Milk Tea

Freshly brewed tea (of your choice)
Sugar (or simple syrup)
Coffee-mate Creamer

Mix in desired amount of sugar (I usually add 1.5 tsp) to hot tea. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add desired amount of creamer (I usually judge by the color of the tea). Stir and enjoy!

How do you make your milk tea?


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